Tools and Weapons

For the writers who cop a blast about skills, here are some of the places to look for how to work through it and keep writing:

That’s a few to start with. And we know it’s a hard slog just to finish a story, but if you want to be a writer who collects readers because what they write is worth reading and talking about and possibly even re-reading, there are skills that need to be learned, adapted, kept up to date with.

If you know you’ll have to research the things that go into the story (and you do), why not believe that the skills also need a bit of work? Because they do, if you want ROI.

Those few links are a good place to start. A lot of places don’t have a cost involved, so you can learn from masters without paying out money yet to be earned. And once you get to a certain level, you can start giving back – because we also learn by helping others, don’t we?

And giving up isn’t an option for a storyteller unless they have only one story … are you a one-dance orator? Or a real wandering chronicler?

Have a look, keep learning, listening, reading – and writing, of course.





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